White Lake Limited Partnership Awarded NFMC Capacity Building Assistance

NFMC is proud to announce that a total of $250,000 has been awarded to White Lake Limited Partnership (WLLP) through our Strategic Initiatives Program (SIP). The $250,000 is allocated to the purchase of an excavator which will assist with the goal of  increasing annual harvested and delivered volumes on the White River Forest, strengthen First Nations business opportunities, augment forest and business sustainability on the White River Forest, and increase full-time employment positions within the management area.

NFMC believes the proposed project aligns with the SIP and will not only benefit WLLP but the communities within the NFMC’s management area and the local and regional forest industry as well.

WLLP is a Limited Partnership whose majority owner is Netmizaaggamig Nishaabeg, formerly known as Pic Mobert First Nation.

For more information about the Strategic Initiatives Program and other opportunities available through NFMC, visit our Programs page at www.nfmcforestry.ca/programs or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @NFMCForestry.