How does NFMC include an AOC in its Forestry Management Planning?

NFMC’s forestry management planning includes Areas of Concern, or what is commonly referred to in the forestry profession as AOC’s.
An “Area of Concern” (AOC) is a geographic area within an area of operations which is adjacent to an identified natural resource feature, land use or value that may be affected by forest management activities” (Source: Glossary, Forest Management Planning Manual for Ontario’s Crown Forests.)
For instance, when a Barred Owl nest is located, forest management is modified to minimize any potential negative impacts by maintaining the visual integrity of the area and not disrupting the birds during the nesting season. This is accomplished through:
1. A no cut reserve buffer for 20 meters from the nests.
2. A no clear-cut buffer and an early spring to mid-summer timing restriction from 50-200m from the nests.
3. No road building within 20m of barred owl nest.
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