Request For Proposal- 2023/2024 Aerial Herbicide Application Program

Request for Proposal- Nawiinginokiima Forest Management Corporation (NFMC) is currently seeking vendors to conduct a two-year (2023/2024) Aerial Herbicide Application Program. Interested service providers are encouraged to review the enclosed information, and to determine their eligibility. The exact locations of treatments for this program have not yet been finalized; a map of anticipated permitted area on each forest has been included for review, as well as information contained within “2023-2024_Aerial_Herbicide_Application_Tender” and  “Schedule A_NFMC” which will from part of the contractual agreement with the successful service provider(s). Please follow these documents to ensure that all required information is enclosed on your proposal.





Competition and acceptance of applications will be open until January 31, 2023. If you would like more information on the program(s), tender process or NFMC`s expectations of the successful service provider, please reach out to the NFMC representative at the information provided below. Thanks in advance for your interest in NFMC’s Silviculture programs.


Mathew Hodgkin
Silviculture Supervisor
Nawiinginokiima Forest Management Corporation (NFMC)

Office: (807) 229-8118 ext 15