MKWA Contracting Awarded NFMC Capacity Building Assistance

NFMC is proud to announce that a total of $284,185 has been awarded to MKWA Contracting of Biigtigong Nishnaabeg through our Strategic Initiatives Program (SIP). Of this total, $248,580 is allocated to the purchase of a grader, which will be used to continue the high quality of service MKWA provides in maintaining the Industrial Road between Manitouwadge and Caramat. The upgrade of this machinery will ensure efficient and reliable road maintenance year-round, benefiting NFMC, forest industry and recreational users alike. MKWA has been maintaining the Industrial Road under contract with NFMC since 2015, which was recently renewed until 2025.

The remaining $35,605 of the grant will assist MKWA in purchasing a mulching head attachment for an excavator. This unit will be used along primary and secondary roads in the Pic and White River Forests as part of a brushing project to maintain compliance with road width and line of sight standards, ultimately improving safety for all users of these roads. With both purchases, one full-time and three seasonal jobs will be created with MKWA, providing additional benefits to our local communities.

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