NFMC Smile Cookie Giveaway Contest

🎁🎉Winners of NFMC’s Smile Cookie Giveaway Contest have been contacted and have picked up their winnings 🎁🎉.
Congratulations to the winners. We have some great photos to share of…
1. Deb McDougall (Bonnie Gingras accepted)
2. Daphne Michaud-Hoxell (Angelique Michaud-Hoxell accepted)
3. Brad Lowndes (with daughter Laila Lowndes)
4. Irma Lowndes
5. Mari Sof
6. Lena Brown
Some heartfelt notes to pass along-
**Deb McDougall paid it forward by donating to her former friends and colleagues of Marathon High School (MHS)- Bonnie Gingras accepted the cookies for MHS staff)**
**Accepting donation on behalf of Daphne Hoxell was Angelique Michaud-Hoxell- who then had the idea to pay it forward by donating one dozen cookies to the Marathon Marjorie House. Jessica from Marjorie house is shown accepting from Angelique. Well done, Angelique! **
**Kristina Miousse of Greenstone was a winner as well, but asked for another name to be drawn so someone local could enjoy her winnings. I think Laila Lowndes does not look too disappointed, right!? Thanks, Kristina.
NFMC was proud to support North of Superior Health Care Group’s (NOSH) local fundraiser. Cookies via Marathon Tim Horton’s. Two dozen cookies were awarded to each winner. Thank you to everyone for playing. Look for us next year. NFMC will do this again in 2025!
Thank you to the countless volunteers/local businesses/organizations for your help in preparing and decorating all of the cookies.