High School Scholarships Awarded

NFMC’s Scholarships Program is intended for local high school, college and university students who either reside or attend school within our management area. The Scholarships Program provides 12 bursaries annually, with a combined value of $32,000:

• 8 scholarships (valued at $3,000 each) are given to graduating high school students advancing to post-secondary studies in the fall
• 2 scholarships (valued at $2,000 each) to college or skilled trades students
• 2 scholarships (valued at $2,000 each) to university students

Eligible students must either reside in or attend school in one of the communities within our’s management area. Although it is not mandatory to be enrolled in a forestry, GIS or natural science program, preference for scholarships will be given to students in these program fields. To apply, students must complete the application form, write a personal letter, include a letter of reference from a teacher or professor and submit their academic transcript.

For the first year since the Scholarships Program was established, we are proud to announce that all 8 high school scholarships have been awarded to notable students from our local area this year! These students (and their programs) are:

• Wyatt MacEwen (Forestry)
• Avery Grouette-McDougall (Outdoor Recreation)
• Sydney Schwantz (Bachelor of Arts in Geography)
• Liam Speziale (Heating and Ventilation)
• Sarah Lalande (Biomedical Biology)
• McKenna Chalmers (Criminal Justice)
• Jimmy Poisson (Kinesiology)
• Ashley Stewart (Medical Lab Technologist)

The deadline to apply to the high school scholarships is May 1st annually, however college and university students can still apply for the remaining 4 scholarship opportunities until June 30th. NFMC is proud to support our local students through this program and we are hopeful the success of their Scholarships Program this year will continue in subsequent years as awareness and number of applicants grows.

For more information about the Scholarships Program and other opportunities available through NFMC, visit our Programs page at www.nfmcforestry.ca/programs or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, @NFMCForestry.