Forest Management Units

The NFMC’s current forest management units encompass four forests: the Big Pic, Pic River, Nagagami, and White River.


Current NFMC forest management units

 Big Pic Forest

The Big Pic Forest is located primarily in the Wawa District, Northeast Region of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). A small portion of the Forest near Marathon is in the MNRF’s Nipigon District of the Northwest Region.






Nagagami Forest

The Nagagami Forest is located in the Northeast Region, within the Wawa District. The Crown managed portion of the Nagagami Forest is 443,600 ha in size, of which 380,701 ha is classified as Productive Forest Area.




White River Forest

The White River Forest is located in north-central Ontario, centered approximately on the town of White River. The Forest encompasses approximately 6,126 km2, including all land and water. Of this area, over 99% is owned by the Crown. Approximately 4,464 km2 (86% of the Crown-managed forest and 81% of the total Forest area) is managed production forest.